Course Construction Updates

4/29/09 - The last zip on the course is going up today.  More photos when we get them, but here's one of some of us testing a few of the zips.

4/24/09 - More platforms, more zips are going up.  It's been great weather for building and the trees are starting to bud out.  Here's the Y Oak platform and a few more photos of the bridge at Ewok Village.

4/15/09 - Ewok Village is up and we're working on the Y Oak.  A couple of us zipped today to test the Two-Step and the Hemlock Zips.  They were great!

4/10/09 - We're building platforms for the start and finish of the zip lines and bridges.  Most of the platforms are in the trees, but a couple of zips start from the ground.  Here are a couple of photos.

4/1/09 - The Hemlock Zip Line is up and tested.  It will lead to a grove of hemlocks and pines on a rocky knoll.  From the pine where the Hemlock Zip Line terminates, a 50 foot long bridge will lead to the center of the grove and then a set of steps built into and around the ledge will take you to the next takeoff platform.  Should be really cool!

This is one of the Rangers that we'll use to take guests to the start of the course.  They each seat 6 people and are incredibly rugged!

3/24/09 - We now have 3 zip lines up and are focusing on determining the lines for the remaining zips and cutting and cleaning up trees where needed.  We're taking pains to take down as few trees as possible and to choose the trees we use carefully.  Project Adventure returns next week to complete the course.

3/6/09 -  We're starting with the longest zip line first in order to be sure it works.  The weather is cooperating nicely and we now have the first zip line up.  This will be the second to last zip line on the course and will be the longest and fastest.  

Here are some more photos:

That's Mount Peak in the background - some of the Northern Berkshire scenery that will be the background for the canopy tour!