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Zoar Outdoor Kayaking
Zoar Outdoor Kayaking

The First Canopy Tour in Massachusetts

All zip lines are not the same; our course is a genuine canopy tour built directly in the trees.  It's a guided experience with 2 guides for each 8 guests.  You experience progressively faster zips and a variety of tree types.  Our 3-hour trek follows 11 zip lines, 2 sky bridges and 3 rappels suspended in the trees in the northern Berkshires and connected through platforms that sit high above the forest floor. We were the first Zip Line Canopy Tour in southern New England when we opened in Charlemont, Massachusetts in 2009. Come experience our friendly professional guides and our emphasis on safety!

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What is a Canopy Tour Like?

Our Commitment to Safety

Every adventure activity has inherent risks, but we manage those risks by careful planning and attention to detail in both the construction of the course and in the ongoing training and management of our staff.  Zoar Outdoor has an excellent safety record on the whitewater rafting, kayaking, rock climbing and other programs that we have run for over 20 years...